True Onboard Service, service on YOUR Terms since 2005:

  No Annual Fee's

  Over 100 vessels served world wide

  30-70% lower rates on parts and systems from all manufacturers

  All Field Engineers are multicertified

  All services are covered, VDR APT, Radio Surveys, Installations, Repair etc

  TWO RATES WORLD WIDE, regardless of where, when or what type of service we always charge 390,-
        NOK pr hour for travel and 590,- NOK for labour (flat rate, no overtime)

  We work 16 hours pr day if allowed by regualtions and owner

  When we sail with clients vessels the same rates apply, a few days onboard is very cost efficient, on
        average we solve 3-7 pending issues , all systems are checked, average cost pr solved issue 3-6000,-

  100% flexability, service on your terms.

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